Is she? Or isn’t she?

OSAS hi res

Of Sea and Sand (Hoopoe Fiction) is Denyse Woods’ sixth novel. Set in Oman, Iraq and Ireland, this is a story of jinn and love, exile and remorse, and the fluctuating nature of belief.

‘Denyse Woods has succeeded in writing a largely realistic novel about supernatural beings and humans that is convincing, informative, and completely engaging.’ Irish Times

Denyse has enjoyed a long-standing love affair with the Arab world since the day she heard Arabic spoken on a Dublin bus and became intrigued by this most beautiful of all languages. Sound afterwards she developed a love for travel literature and escaped into books by Wilfrid Thesiger, Gertrude Bell, Freya Stark, Doreen Ingrams, all of whom wrote about their travels in the Middle East. After graduation from University College Dublin with a degree in Arabic, Denyse began her own travels and found in the Arab world everything she had expected ,and so much more: entrancing landscapes, histories and stories, timelessness and valued friendships. Although as a reader she was drawn to travel writing, she always knew that, as writer, her calling would be fiction. From the outset, she decided to set her stories in the Arab world. The first paragraph she ever wrote was a scene set in Cairo. It later appeared in her first novel, Overnight to Innsbruck.

Of Sea and Sand rejoices in the people, myths and landscapes of Oman, from its cool-flowing wadis to its moody deserts.   A mystery and a love story, this novel entrances and transports its readers, and will leave them wondering, Is she? Or isn’t she?

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