Overnight to Innsbruck (Lilliput Press)

 “A real treat … I read it in one sitting, holding my breath, such is Woods’ skill in building up tension.” The Spectator.

“Overnight to Innsbruck is a rare delight: a literary novel so brimming with atmosphere and interest, yet with page-turning appeal too. This stunning debut reminded me of Olivia Manning’ss Balkan Trilogy.” Books Ireland

Like Nowhere Else (Penguin Ireland)

“This is a wonderful novel. From the beautiful cover to the last page, I was captivated.” Ireland on Sunday

“If you enjoy books like The Bookseller of Kabul, this glimpse into another world is definitely for you.” Irish Independant.

Of Sea and Sand (Hoopoe Fiction; American University of Cairo Press)

“Supernaturally good.”